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BC LRC (1995) Society Results
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Place Rank Owner Handler
1 AFTCH Clubmead's Ms Kate Black JFTR Gary Randall Gary Randall
2 FTCH-AFTCH Razor's Catch Me If You Can JFTR Nolan Nelkenbrecher Karen Nelkenbrecher
3 FTCH-AFTCH Coolwater's Black Line QFTR-JFTR Dave Douglas Dave Douglas
4 FTCH-AFTCH One More Round QFTR-JFTR Jim Swanson Jim Swanson
Rcm FTCH-AFTCH Hard Road Jack QFTR-JFTR Hope Roberts Hope Roberts
CM Go Big Or Go Home Jane Spearing Jane Spearing
CM FTCH-AFTCH Ram River Khaki Kayla C. Robert James C. Robert James
USFT data are from 1995 to the present; USHT data are from 2009. Point totals include points awarded for national championships. Handlers are selected based on information reported to us or on the first name listed on the entry. Data presented has been drawn from sources we believe to be accurate. If you find an error, let us know (
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